Bhang Corporation is known for bringing delicious, innovative, and trustworthy cannabis products to consumers. Our THC product licensees have state-of-the-art production facilities that match Bhang’s CBD and Terpene facilities, so we can all deliver the delicious, safe and consistent products Bhang consumers have come to expect.

Mass markets are starting to open as regulations ease and entrenched distribution channels, such as national drugstore chains, are beginning to enter the hemp-derived product market. Companies like Bhang with vision, compliant product development, and trusted relationships are being welcomed into the mass market and will be the runaway market leaders.

Bhang has a comprehensive vertical plan to widely distribute our brand’s three tiers of products (cannabis, hemp-derived CBD, and terpenes) across global cannabis and mass markets. No matter how large we continue to grow, Bhang will always remain true to our roots, bringing delicious, safe, and consistent products to our customers.

From day one, we were the company getting it right. We didn’t need the government to force us to be safe and compliant. Bhang’s extensive gourmet food background and our experience bringing high-quality products to large food chains like Whole Foods have prepared us to conquer this brave, new world. As other brands figure out how to be compliant and scale up, join Bhang as we embark on the next stage of our mission to become the most trusted and recognized cannabis brand on the planet.



Innovative Business Model: Horizontally-integrated brand offering cannabis, hemp and terpene-based products covering 1000% of the cannabis consumer market. Positioned to expand and become the first ubiquitous global cannabis brand.


Award-Winning Brand: Winner of over 22 competitions for various product including artisanal edibles, concentrates, CBD and vape products.


Experienced Team: Top-tier board and management team. Seasoned CEO is a chef, master chocolatier, and an innovative cannabis pioneer. COO is proven operator with experience from farming to retail.


Global Distribution: Mature Operations, over 1,000 points of sale, with integrated supply chain. Negotiating distribution deals to cover all 50 states, 11 countries plus the Asian-Pacific Market.


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